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I create, solely on a voluntary basis, creative expressions for various parties in the music industry (bands, record companies and organizations). Making these graphic designs may be considered as one of my many music-related hobbies and is something where I like to spend my valuable spare time on, provided that a certain project appeals to me personally.


Going to a concert is another huge hobby of mine. On this website, I try to keep track of when, where and which bands I have seen live over the years. I will also try to accompany this data as much as possible with anecdotes, comments and if possible with photo material and scans of concert tickets. It may come as no surprise that this project is an ongoing 'work in progress'.


Throughout the years I've captured occasionally some live footage of songs or snippets of songs during a concert. These are not professionally filmed videos but merely fan-made, low-quality registrations to capture some memories from said show for my own pleasure. The vast majority of my videos can be viewed on my YouTube Channel. If you like these videos, please subscribe to my channel and click on the 'notification bell' if you want to be notified whenever I post a new video.


As with the videos that I occasionally record I also try to capture at least one or two photos during the shows that I visit. Some of these photos I share on my personal Facebook page but I will try to publish the best of those pictures on this website. It goes without saying that these photos are anything but professionally shot and initially taken for my own pleasure. That being said at least 95% of all the live photos on this website are made this way (unless otherwise noted).

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